Founder of Thriving Lyfe, Bernie Mitchell is a devoted father to 5 children, published author, speaker, and undoubtedly not your typical Adversity Coach. Commonly described as ‘REAL’, he has an innate ability to truly connect with his clients on a profound level to enable them to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

This stems from his coaching and mentoring philosophy for the Thriving Lyfe Team, based on his personal experience in overcoming adversity within his own life over the last 25 years, combined with his formal training as a Strategic Intervention Coach at Tony Robbins’ world renowned ‘Robbins-Madanes Center’.

In addition to coaching individuals from all walks of life Bernie is very active in the Mental Health space as a Board Member for Bipolar Australia, and working with Sane Australia on suicide initiatives and Black Dog on Bipolar & Depression initiatives. He also is a trained mental health support group facilitator. Bernie does coach people that are faced with Adversity, Bipolar, Depression and anxiety, provided they are also receiving professional psychiatric/psychological assistance.

In fact it is because of Bernie’s success in overcoming adversity that he chosen to Specialise as an Adversity Coach. He is a coach that once walked in his clients shoes and truly knows what is like, not simply text book knowledge, he shares his experiences to help assist others.


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