Adversity Coaching

Adversity Coaching is a no-advice, question-based process. Not consulting. We don't advise you. We help you advise yourself, by asking the right questions to empower you to accept and overcome your specific difficult situation -- much faster. 

Your adversity could be due to a life-changing event or an illness that has occurred or something else that is adversely disrupting your life... Or perhaps a challenge in a specific area of your life.

How we Help You

You need to adapt, think, make choices and act differently in order to make real change. To ensure lasting results, you need focused guidance and reliable support from the team at Thriving Lyfe. Positive change occurs when you actively engage in practices that help you to successfully:

1) Master your mindset
2) Modify dysfunctional behavior
3) Identify your values, motivators, goals
4) Discover your purpose in life
5) Develop emotional intelligence
6) Release limiting beliefs
7) Increase your self-awareness
8) Tap into your inner resources, and
9) Know, love and accept yourself unconditionally

 *Important - Thriving Lyfe's programs are not to substitute a psychiatrist, psychologist or other medical practitioner. In fact it is a requirement that all of our clients continue to see their relevant professional for the duration of our coaching and they are made aware of this.

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