Bipolar Coaching

"If only I had someone providing a Bipolar Coaching service when I was diagnosed 20 years ago it would have saved me years of heartache " - Bernie Mitchell

Whether you are just newly diagnosed or someone that has been living with Bipolar for decades that would like to better manage your condition then we have a program for you at Thriving Lyfe.

These coaching sessions are one on one and facilitated by Bernie Mitchell himself who has 20 years of lived experience with Bipolar and been extremely successful in managing his condition, life, family and business. Bernie has learnt from some of the countries top mental health professionals and shares his valuable insights that have transformed his life and can also transform yours.

We customise our programs depending on your individual requirements and could be anything from weekly to fortnightly sessions through to our 3-6 month intensive programs with daily contact.

 *Important - Thriving Lyfe's programs are not to substitute a psychiatrist, psychologist or other medical practitioner. In fact it is a requirement that all of our clients continue to see their relevant professional for the duration of our coaching and they are made aware of this.




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